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From beginners as young as five to aspiring professionals, Doug Jasik personalizes his approach to each student in order to most effectively assist them in developing their skills and musicianship.  He has the unusual ability to gain the trust of, to motivate, and to inspire students of varied interests and backgrounds.

His students’ achievements include receiving awards such as: “Best Overall Orchestra and Chorus member” (Patton Middle School) and “Artist of the Month” (Episcopal Academy);  membership in Chester County Youth Orchestra, selection for PMEA Annual String Fest and numerous select school ensembles; and performing solos with both classical and jazz school ensembles.  Doug is certified in Early Childhood Music Education by both the Gordon Institute and Music Together and has undertaken graduate studies in Music Therapy.

Additional Topics of Instruction:

musical concepts (theory), ear-training, composition, improvisation, and rudimentary piano technique are just some of the corollary topics that may be included in the curriculum to varying degrees…according to each student’s interests, needs, and level of accomplishment.

Teaching Philosophy:
“Each student is unique and each presents a singular array of learning challenges, skills and potentials. Successful teaching necessitates helping students to identify their interests in order to assist them in acquiring the skills necessary to pursue and accomplish their goals.”   

Doug Jasik provides patient and caring guidance that reflects an unusual degree of musical breadth and a flexibility not beholden to any particular pedagogy.


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